Nikola Radin is a therapist, holistic healer, yoga and movement instructor, book author, dolphin therapy pioneer and public speaker. His work is a holistic health concept created according to a number of well known principles and techniques - some of them available to us for several millennia - in combination with the principles learned by close and detailed observation of nature and its basic as well as intricate laws. The ultimate aim of his method is to help each individual to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. In one hand Nikola Radin focuses on massage therapy method which is combination of some well known technics, but also on prevention through yoga and meditation, and on healing with the help of dolphins and complementary therapies like dolphin therapy and dolphin experience.Nikola Radin wishes to teach people to deal with their fears and pains, but most importantly, to understand and put them into perspective.The objective is to help them get to know themselves, to acquire a deep understanding of what motivates them and drives them forward and as a result, to open themselves up towards life, other people, and the world which surrounds us and gives us nourishment.


Masseur giving a massage to a man on the massage table

Throughout Nikola's many years of practicing massage therapy and traveling the world, he came across many different, exciting techniques, stemming from all corners of our planet.

Nikola Radin always strove to develop his own unique method, consistently enhancing it by incorporating into it the new skills which he has acquired through his precious experience in dolphin therapy, as well as through studying different forms of holistic healing, body movement and nature of the things itself.

Acknowledgments from our clients

Herbert Nitsch diving out of the ocean

Herbert Nitsch

Free diving World Champion

"Great friend and professional,
his system works great for me."

UFC fighter showing his muscles

Igor Pokrajac

Professional MMA athlete/UFC star

"Always a great help, both before,
during and after competition."

Ballerina posing

Svetlana Zakharova

Prima Balerina

"The best massage therapy in Vienna."

Fighter inside the box ring victorious

Nathan Corbett

11 time Muay Thai World Champion

"Nikola is the healer"

Two man posing for a picture with hand signs

Aleksandar Rakic

UFC pro athlete

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Dolphin swimming with a trainer on his back with disabled child

Dolphin Therapy is a complementary kind of treatment successfully implemented all over the world for more than three decades. Our patients are children and adults who are challenged by cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, depression, neurotic disorder, and many other afflictions.

Aided by many years of experience, our organization strives to identify the best treatment for every single one of our patients in the most fitting institute. Dolphin therapy, supervised by the specially-trained therapists, helps children and adults with mental or physical disabilites on their path to the treatment of their particular conditions and the improvement of their quality of life.


Yoga instructor teaching yoga to fighters in a pose

Through many years of doing yoga, Nikola Radin has developed a system of teaching yoga mainly for profesional athlets. His system is basically implementing ancient teaching of yoga and modern knowledge of body movement into his clients daily activities. So far he has been working with sport teams and individuals with the goal to make them capable of practicing on their own.


Man on a stage giving a speech Ted Talk Novi Sad

Nikola Radin is also a instructor and public speaker who is often giving speeches and lectures at different locations about subjects from his novels and stories up to holistic health, dolphin therapy, and better lifestyle. He was guest at many talks including some well known universities and TED conference.


a dolphin called clown by Nikola Radin books on a table
Nikola Radin Samo Odlasci Book
Nikola Radin book presentation

Nikola Radin O Vuku I Coveku book

As a writer Nikola Radin is trying to stay close to his biggest passion - story telling. He is a novelist and author of short stories too. Through his work as an artist he propagates his firm belifes about life, love and freedom.

Nikola Radin tv show book presentation


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